Sunday, March 17, 2013


What a lovely evening gown this is Mtindo which means Fashion in swahili. I was drawn to the colors of orange gold and yellow, which is in my color pallet. This lovely gown made out of a soft velvet with its intricate detailing is so lovely to feel, I couldn't help rubbing it across my skin. Its A line design with sleeveless bodice accentuated  its sexiness and classy appeal and he way it flowed as you walked, was like that scene in Cinderella where she meets the prince and every thing goes into slow motion. Ladies this gown can be worn to any formal and its easy design will make it so comfortable to dance the night away. Its worth having in your wardrobe.      

French Gold Nails/Candy
Mary Black Updo/Fabulous
Panettones Jewelry Set/Chop Zuey

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