Sunday, October 19, 2014


If you wern,t there you missed a wonderful show. It was a lovely production about the Sun Goddess Amaterasus. This was a collaboration between L'Amour Romance Couture & Frankx Lefevre who built this amazing JapaneseButoh runway  for our show today.  Thank you Frankx.  I would also like to say thank you to Sita Writer who has been blogging our event for us.The Amaterasu show represents a new chapter in the Romance Couture story, the clothes shown were very Avant Garde and deconstructed couture.  Amaterasus is a show inspired by the modern, Avant Garde Japanese dance form called Butoh. We wanted  the show to dance along the edge between beautiful and strange, and to explore that balance.You see before you a land in a time both ancient and legendary.  

The Gods and spirits are all around, some visible, some invisible, and their actions affect all the people and creatures of the Earth.Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun,  has long been in conflict with her brother, Susanoo, the God of Storms.  He in a rage has destroyed her rice fields and killed one of her beloved handmaidens, leaving her wild with fury and grief.   Amaterasu is inconsolable and decides to hide in a cave, plunging the world and its inhabitants into darkness.  The only light left is that of the stars and her brother Tsukoyomi, the God of the Moon.  The people of the earth wander sad and confused, waiting and hoping for her return...'  As horrible as  it was for the gods and the people,the world plunged into darkness,as Amaterasu hid in her grief.  Finally the clever goddess of mirth thought up a way to lure Amaterasu out. The people of the earth danced and clowned at the mouth of the cave until Amaterasu in curiosity and laughter emerged. The other gods blocked the cave and Amaterasu, her spirit restored, she rose up into the sky again and blessed the earth with her sunlight.'

I played the Sun GoddessAmaterasus, it was a wonderful part to play. I was dressed as the Sun Goddess Amaterasus . I was on a platform that lowered me to the ground, where I walked around the rnway and hen back to a cave. My next part wass to stand on the platform and rise up above the earth and shine again for the people on earth.

The wonderful gowns that were in the show will all be for sale at Romance Coture. It was an honor and a pleasure to play such a wonderful part. Here I a wearing the Sun Goddess outfit, made up of and overlay of gold the a sparkling gown underneath, a large risen collar , that trully accentuates the neckline. A gorgeous headress of gold, with red jewels. Adorned by aback piece made of red and gold, with red flags .

I also wore another gown called the Black 12, which is part of a series of numbered gowns. It has a large vine like collar, with a vinelike see through shirt underneath, both in the color silver. It also comes with a long matching black vinelike skirt and matching belt. You can find both thesse lovely outfits at ROMANCE COUTURE.

Pictures by Nickle Sparrowtree

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