Sunday, March 17, 2013


I love the colors of this unique design from Evolve. If you look at it closely you will be able to see a group of people dancing in the lower front of the dress.The name Mimi Ngoma means I dance in Swahili  This dress filled with its bright colors of gold, yellow, red, blue, and brown, with its eye catching appeal is one to make you say ooh that's nice. With its form fitting shapely fit , that lays just above the knees, stylish yet classy.Is one that I am sure you would love to be able to wear on a evening out or any social event. You can find this lovely dress at Fashion For Life which ends March 17th Sunday.

Mimi Ngoma/Evolve
Citta Black and Gold Stilettos/Cliche
Genius Pony Tail/Tuty
Atiriya Stone Jewelry Set/Zaara
Brown complete makeup/Glamorous

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