Tuesday, July 22, 2014


If there is one thing I can talk about is love of the cat.When I look at this dress I think seductive and sexy, out on the prowl. My confidence is on full blast. I walk through the crowd and the people part like the red sea. I can feel all eyes on me as I slink my way through. I stop for moment just to tease, then keep on moving. I feel the top of my leg push through the split in the dress as it widens. The light shines on the front of the dress revealing a picture of a lovely women and black cat. My bosom's fit firmly in the sleeveless bodice,  that is attached to a form fitting dress that surrounds my curves. This dress is absolutely sexy. The detailing is to be admired. Ladies just imagine yourself, if your with someone or not, your sure to make them want to get close to you in this dress, you will be in total control. PURRRRRRRR.

For the love of the cat/Evolve

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