Monday, January 14, 2013


I went to MOLICHINO not to long ago and this is what I found, they are separates, a green turtleneck, and tweed green pants. I loved this outfit, its great to go dancing in. There is nothing wrong with looking great and being comfortable. So then I had to find the perfect pair of boots to match up with the outfit, since I am a big boot lover. I came across these nice leather boots by LPD, yes they did the trick. Now what would look like with no jewelry , so I put on a nice jewelry set from CHOP ZUEY. Looking good I must say. Hair from EMO-TIONS brought out the appeal, Eye liner from MOCK and eye lashes from REDGRAVE, just took it to the top.

                                       Ally Turtleneck/MOLICHINO
                                          Linum Pants/MOLICHINO
                                                City Style Boots/LPD
                       Circus Maximus Pall Earrings, and Necklace/ CHOP ZUOY
                                          TYRA3 Black hair/ Emo-tions
                                       Latte Green Tea Nails/ Candy Nails
                                                 Imperial Eyeliner/ Mock
                                            Diva Eyelashes 19/ Redgrave

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Tish S. said...

Oh that's a great look. :D