Sunday, January 20, 2013


As a model my job is to style clothing or merchandise to make appealing to the shoppers eyes. It can be from Haute Couture to Avant Guarde, from Glam to Casual, from urban to punk, I as a model have to make the clothes I style catch your eye and want to buy it. Well ladies this Bomb Purple Vest was made for every one, even though I styled it my way. I am a model you know. Since there are many personalities walking this grid, there is always some thing for every one. Check out this Jacket. Its a sleeveless down vest, purple in color, insulated from the bottom to the collar and fits well. A nice fitting band at the bottom, and the whole color of the jacket pops.

This jacket is a Captive Design creation, which I have matched up with a very lovely pair of purple plaid pants. I found some great bracelets, makeup and hair.I had to add some cool ass piercings. A nice short hair and this is what I got and it shines. I love this look. You can get this Jacket at October Trending Fashion Chamber.

The Bomb Purple Vest/ Captive Designs
Purple Plaid Pants/Ellis
Baggers Mesh Boots/DL
Tommy Black Ice/Drot
Eye Brow Piercing Black, Double Spider Bites Piercing Black, Nose Piercing Black KA
Free Gift Emo Punk Bracelets/ Scarpunk
Over React Earrings/ Creatives
Short Nails/Mandala
Black Current Lip Jelle/Mock
Purple Gnostice Beotch Eyeshadow/Mock

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