Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Model

Well ladies and gents its finally over and we have our new winner for 2011, Ms Pink, It was an awesome event, we all started off nervous, I tried to make other contestants laugh to ease their nervousness, I  was laughing so hard from being nervous, I practiced my walk over and over and over again. We all were nervous.

It was a dramatic event  , first was the bikini , always the classic of showing off your assets in any pageant, there were a couple of crashes, I was one of them, but I came back like a champ waiting patiently where I last stood as I rezzed, there was too much lag to walk back to behind the stage and rez and start over, so you had to handle it like a professional and go on with the show, once I rezzed it was all good.

Then there was these group of sexy stewardess dancers , made up of Debbiedoo Tigerfish, Lisana Rossen, Laylah Lecker, Tabyath1 Baily, VeronicaLynn Parx thats came out, right after  the bikini walk and danced their asses off to the son G6 its was awesome.

The next part of the event was the talent phase, it was so much fun, nerve racking but fun. I couldn't resist dancing along to Floras music, it had such an awesome beat , it made you move, and rightly so because Ms Flora won the creative talent event. All the ladies did great during the events, we did have some music issues but we winged it , and the event went on as smooth as silk.

The next event was the creative angel event I couldn't wait for this event. I thought long and hard about my angel when I was gathering what I needed to put it together, and once I gathered every thing I needed. I realized I had four outfits, It came out fantastic, I was so very proud of myself way before any pageant. I could not help but to look at myself in awe and pat my own self on the back, It looked good, then I had a moment of its not gonna go over well and thought what a monstrosity, then i shook that off and said again, its awesome. I mean the whole outfit was not me, I went way out, and I do mean way out, but I pulled it off, I pulled it off and won the creative theme outfit. I was so shocked , because there were so many other beautiful angels, when they called my name I didn't even see it because every one was writing in chat that it went by so fast, I waited till some one said Nickle you won , come up and get your award. It was a great feeling , to know I finally did some thing so creative that it stood out from others. YES!!!.

Then there was photogenic, which Nina Briana won, Gratz  girl.
Best creative talent outfit MS Flora Stripe  YEAH!!
Best Creative Theme Outfit Ms Nickle Sparrowtree

Now it's time for the awards , which I really did have sweat bullets running down my face, but not making my makeup run at all. 6th runner up SD. Damiano, next was Flora Stripe 5th runner up, next 4th runner up Kiralyn Destiny, 3rd runner up Nina Briana, 2nd runner up Helen Zhora, 1st runner up Nickle Sparrow tree, and the winner of Ms Top Model was Pinktinkicat Luv.

The end part was more stressful then the whole show, we were waiting for the fire works to go off to show the winner, but they failed to work , I am sure it would have been awesome if they did work, then they decided to do it the normal way. I cover my face with my wings I didn't want to look, It was down to me and Pink, and it was already stressful enough , especially when your first and second and people are calling out who they want to win and no one was calling mine , felt kind of awkward. Some times people don't care or think about how it may affect that other person  ( maybe thats a time when every one should say nothing  the room stay silent until the winner is announced .) Its hard standing up there in the first place. Congratulations to Pink , you were fantastic., I was honored to be by your side .

Congratulations  to all the contestants we all did a great job. And dont worry there are plenty more contests to be fierce in.

Pictures coming as soon as I can upload them.
my first video link enjoy

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