Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night styling event was creative tattoos, it was awesome. Every one was tatted up from head to toe. The audience was packed, there were a lot of people here tonight, I didn't notice that until it was my turn to come out on stage. It is nice to see people supporting us.Debbiedoo Tigerfish was tonight's judge. It was the first time I actually worn tattoos, I didn't look bad in them. I went from being a full fledged neko with full body tattoo made of tiger stripes, then decided against it. I became the tough biker chic. It was hard because I wanted to wear a biker jacket , but then that would cover up most of the tattoos. so I wore a bikini top and pulled every thing together. When I first got to the event I had some minor difficulties and had to tp out just to get my huddles to work back stage. Once things were in order the ladies looked great, head to toe covered in tattoos. Sakira looked great she was an amazon , Ania came as a wind up doll. Lopez now there was a masterpiece, Jinx came as a full fledged leopard, Izadora she looked awesome , Alejandra was tattoo excellence,  MeiMei looked wonderful, Aisha looked delicious, all I could think of was a bowl of ice cream, I just wanted to reached my finger out and taste her she looked that delicious. well guess who won, Ms AIsha Omega won first, Ms Nickle Sparrowtree won second, third place Ms Izadora Pelazzi. Congradulation to every one.                             

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Ms Nickle Sparrowtree

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