Monday, February 28, 2011

Magazine cover and video contest

What am awesome contest it was, I really stretched my imagination on this one. they said do not do any thing to change the design of the outfit or cover it up in any way which i didn't do, but was able to accessorize it that made it look great. it just didn't seem to be any other way them to dress it up like a mistress, then I went further since i t was a red outfit , i became a demon mistress, I looked great, with wings tail, flogger to kick some butt. 2 nice set of horns and a sexy pair of high heels. I was looking fierce, but that was only the first part of the contest, the next part was the gown , in which I dressed up like Cleopatra , again i didn't cover any thing or redesign the outfit, I looked good, I added accessories like jewelry which went perfectly. Then I added my pet snake Cleo because that is how Cleopatra died, by a snake bite. I didn't win though , the winner was, and she looked good. congratulation.

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