Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Name Is Nickle

Yes my name is Ms Nickle Sparrowtree,  and I am a model, I love my name Nickle, its a my trade mark and stands out amongst others. Yes I get the jokes more then a penny less then a dime, but still it draws attention. It has a ring to it when you say it. I even heard some people say wtf is a Nickle, Well I am Nickle, a fun sassy , adorable, young, hot up and coming fashion model. Yes I wanna stand amongst the best models in Sl, . when people call my name all heads turn just to see me. OH  Nickle's here. I want my name to be branded in a nice way through out Sl , to be said on the tongues of designers and photogs that are happy to work with me because they know im good, but not a model thats hard to work with just because they are on top. My friends that know me love me, those that don't know me yet will, and my haters well thanks for the attention.

                                                                  MY NAME IS NICKLE
                                                                        THEME SONG

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