Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Model woes

I have a lot going on in one week. I have class finals, I have to get ready for top model, I have a magazine and video contest to prepare for. Plus I continue to do styling events. I do wanna show you some thing . Tonight's styling event is Bride and Groom and as Much as I hate to do it , I am gonna wear a wedding dress. But I wanna state that if and when I do get married it will not be in what other people think a bride should wear. That's what I like about myself, even though others don't see it that way. If I wore what I wanted to wear I know I would lose points because of some people's thinking. Just like all brides don't wear white and some one has some thing to say about that. I am me , and that's hard to change but if I was getting married today this is what I would look like. Oh yes thats me in a female purple tuxedo, looking sharp, I have a bootinare but I forgot to put it on. yes a bow tie why not , I look good in it. I only wish the jacket would open so I could show my sexy looking striped vest. Yes I am still a bride, just not the kind of Bride think I should be.

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