Thursday, February 24, 2011


Join us this coming Friday to witness the Hard working Students for Class of February.  Congratulations to the following:
➊. Ania Sapphire ,  ➋ . Lopez Fairlady
➌.  Nickle Sparrowtree,  ➍. nicki vervain
➎ .  sakira mirabella,  ➏   Gabriella Allardyce

I spent most of my day waiting to get my final out of the way, it was nerve racking having to wait so long, to finally get it over with was such a relief. I am not perfect, but I did put on a brave face. I really did put my best foot forward and tried hard to do my best. I am glad that part is over and the journey begins. I do have to say I hate arc, it gets me into trouble , the kind i dont want.  I wish there was a place for models to go that specialized in clothing , hair, and shoes that when worn presented with very low arc, Ive seen more of sl lately then when I first started, I knew I was a shopaholic, but now I am an addicted shopaholic , thats 10 times worst LOL.

WE made it ladies , we stuck it out and accomplished what we set out to do, although we are still learning , we are now models , but we don,t let it end there. There are people out there such as designers, and photogs that need to know who where are, and who we represent. We want to be the best of the best, its time to let our lights shine.  Show your self , let SL know your out to be amongst the best. Congratulations  to all my peers, no matter which direction your path may lead, it was wonderful to share the first part of our journey with you all.  WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

Ms Nickle Sparrowtree
 please watch my first video

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