Thursday, April 3, 2014


Let me fill you in on some history. Her name was Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, she was an African American civil rights leader. On December 1, 1955 she refused to give up her seat to a white person while sitting in the colored section, once the white section was filled. She was arrested for it. She had a belief in what was right and she took a stand by not standing up. When I look at this dress I understand it's meaning, which radiates to all people still today. There are people who would rather turn their heads and not get involved while some one bully's another. Or someone who constantly harasses some one for their sexual Identity. We as a people know right from wrong and can help one another to make change.

 This gorgeous black and white dress cannot go  with out being noticed. From head to toe it Illuminates the beauty of what it stands for. It is a lovely strapless design with a red and white flower in the center of the breast. It traveled down and hugged the body then flared out just below the waist. Looking at the front of the dress you will notice the face of Rosa Parks with the words "Sit Down To Standup". Down at the bottom it flares out into a layers  that circulate in the front of the dress to around the back and into a train. This dress is one to have in your closet, its not just gorgeous, it's elegant.

                                   The Rosa Parks Dress/Evolve

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