Thursday, April 3, 2014


I thought this dress was bright and colorful, just in time for spring. They say your moods change with seasons, they also say clothes have the same effect. So something this bright and colorful will definitely brighten up your day.
I like to enhance on the colors that are in the dress, such as the pink , which I wore pink shoes, pink lipstick and pink nails. The dress was mainly blue, with splashes of pink , green, and white. It reminded  me of when I went to the fair and they lay out a white piece of card board, then the guy makes the paper spin, and you can squirt different color paints on it of your choice.

The dress with a deep V neck, sleeveless conforms to your curves and hits right at the thighs, giving it that bit of sex appeal. The colors of this dress make you want to sashay across the room and you can feel all the eyes turn your way. This dress is bright and cherry, it's something nice you can wear for Easter. Enjoy

Fluer Dress # 6/EVOLVE

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