Monday, April 8, 2013


I had to share with you these lovely dresses that bring out the color of spring. They are so delicate and feminine, they are of course mini dresses by today's standards and very well fitting. They fit just at the mid thigh and they are not so high that your butt shows, that is why I like them. They are form fitting and will show off every inch of your sexy curves. Their color are basically 2 tones, but not out of place. When you see what I am talking about, you will want one for yourself. There are 4 dresses, Spring Dress, Dusk, Poppy, and Tender. They are all very light and airy, you will have no trouble choosing one to wear.They come in 5 sizes , so I know there is one to fit you.


Spring Dress, Dusk, Poppy, and Tender/Captive Design
Jade lips Violet, Today Makeup Combo 10,Today makeup Combo 2, Just because Combo Forrest Makeup /Glamorize
Delicious Turquoise Shoes, Diva Pink Shoes, Delicious Yellow shoes/N-Core
Ultra Mesh Rigged Nails/Jamman

Nickle Sparrowtree

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