Thursday, January 3, 2013

Loordes of London

Hello October Trending Fashion Chamber Shoppers, a new cycle has started and the designers have implemented their new items. Here I am styling in a dark blue pair of riding boots by the creators of Loordes of London. These boots are dark in color, with a flat sole, made for those individuals who love a low heel. It has a 2 tone color of dark blue and Charcoal. These lovely boots come in Dark Blue and Dark Ruby.You do know that song that says " these boots are made for walking " well I changed it up for this lovely post, because these boots are made for riding.

These boots were so lovely I just had to style them with what I thought was the perfect outfit. Found excusely at the October Trending Fashion Chamber, where nothing sells over 300L.

Fullham Riding Boots /Loordes of London
Blanche Tuxedo Blazer in Blue/ Michami
White Bow Shirt/COCO
Blizzard linum high waisted  pants/ Molichino
Platinum Triangle  Earrings and Cross Necklace/ Ryca
Soft Breeze hair / Argrace
Short Pallet Female Nails / Mandala

Nickle Sparrowtree

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