Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year to every one. This past New Year's day was such a perfect event for me and my lady. We both got dressed to the nine's. She looked gorgeous All I wanted to do to her is love on her and all her sexiness. She wore a lovely red gown that moved so gracefully as she danced. I myself wore a black  tuxedo jacket. a pair of black pants, a white shirt, a pair of black ankle boots, a black with a silver band top hat, with the words Happy New Year on it. Then I added some silver earrings. I looked fly, the best part about this outfit, is that no 2 items came from the same store and it matched up so well. One of the hardest outfits for a women to find on secondlife, is a well made tuxedo.The best one I have found so far is one from Utopia, I brought every one in every color they have. I am getting married toward the end of February and I am on a drastic search for the tuxedo I want to wear for my wedding, I know it's gonna be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, but what can I say. I want what I want. I wish there was some one out there who could custom make the tuxedo I wanted and not what I don't want.

2013 New Year Top Hat
Female nails short palette/ Mandala
Soft Breeze hair/ Argrace
Rock Black Pants/ SAS
Devie Boots/ Maitreya
Bow Shirt White/ COCO
Eye Brow Piercings/ KA
Belly Barbell Gem Silver piercing/ KA
Double Spider Bite Silver Piercing/KA
Nose Piercing Star1 Silver/ KA
Luminous Eyelashes/ Curves
Necklace Cross Platinum/ Ryca
Blanche Tuxedo Black/ Michai 

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