Thursday, January 31, 2013


This outfit that I styled was enjoyable to do , after I finally finished with the look I wanted. Once I knew the structure I was gonna start with, the outfit fell into place. The colors I worked with went well with my skin, so it was a simple matter of matching every thing up. My main focus was the chest guard, which was just like the helmet from Diram, made me so excited. All the major parts of my outfit comes from Evolve, which is the store doing the contest. The accessories came from various places, but they worked. This is the outfit I styled for FUTURE HAUTE COUTURE Sponsored by Evolve.

Isis Plate Guard/Isis Shirt/Evolve
Chioma Skirt/Evolve
Roman Helmet/ Diram
Plain Black Tights /Q
All The Forbidden Things Antiques Jewelry/ Violator
Fine Gloves Black
Vixen 1 Eyeshadow/ Madrid Solo
Pinup Platform Xtreme Heels 2 Black /N-Core
Luminous Eyelashes/ Curves
Belt / Suite bas

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