Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well I don't know what to say except sorry, why am I saying this you wonder, because I brought the dress, this dress, but I don't know the name of the store I brought it in. This dress is a lovely blend of mixed browns, that go from light to dark. It is designed in a paisley print. The way it moves is just fabulous. Yes I twirled is this dress, it was too nice not to. I am blogging this , I wish I could tell you wear to get this dress, but I was not gonna go with out blogging it. As soon as I get the name of the store I will share it. In the mean time enjoy this lovely dress.

Brown & Gold Maxi Dress/SYN
Black & Gold Earrings/RYCA
Gold Choker/RYCA
Gold Bracelet/RYCA
Diva Chocolate Stilettos/N-CORE
Chocolate Lips & Eyeshadow

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