Monday, September 3, 2012


Ladies ladies, for those of you who like to dress casual I have the perfect outfit. Its comfortable and easy to move in especially when your out and about. Do you like looking good , but still like being comfortable. You can't go wrong with this look. I should know I went dancing in it last night and received many compliments. The colors truly stand out, and draw attention. I like clothes that cover me, and this was just too hard to pass up. When I styled this outfit I started with the oversize shirt, which do come in different colors. Which you can find in OTFC along with a black tank top that goes underneath.There are several ways to wear this boyfriend's shirt, as a dress, with black hose that go over the knee, or how I have done it. It doesn't matter which way you wear it, the shirt just makes the outfit pop. Like I said before you can get this fantastic shirt at OTFC. What i am most proud to say is that my sister made it. Yes I love it, I have one in every color, even though its called a boyfriend's shirt I don't call it that only for the fact , that i don't have a boyfriend, but I do have a girlfriend so I call it my girlfriend's shirt. Found at October's Fashion Trending Chamber

Mint green boyfriend's shirt with black under shirt /Captive Designs
Aztec leggings /Izzies
Smart chick sunglasses/Izzies
Badlands woman's boots/ RC
Birthstone Peridot nails/ Candy Nails
Noir 02 earrings /Finesmith
Sunset bid jet-black/ Vanity Hair


Debbie said...

I love it Nickle and impressive job October our newest designer...a show for her soon with L'Amour.

Debbie said...

I love it Nickle you look sooo smexy in the "Boyfriend Shirt" Good job October our newest sl designer...When are you going to do a show with L'Amour...giggles