Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The First COC themed event pajamas

Hello out there is the fashion world this is my outfit for the very first walk as an COC finalist. The theme was to dress up in pajamas , but be able to wear that same outfit out on the town.  My outfit was a bit complicated with a robe and silk pajamas with layers of ruffles around the base of the leg. It was simple to pull together but was a hard theme to style for. The event was awesome, I was confident and walked that runway like a seasoned pro. I stood before the judges, did my poses, then waited to be excused. It was a shining moment , one in which I did enjoy.

Indie Rose - silk pants
The Old Forge - Chi earth jacket
Zaara - llida Mojn shoe
Mock - Eye shadow
Mock - lip gloss
Hair - Dura
Eyes Fashism

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