Saturday, April 21, 2012

COC second walk

I didnt make it into the first round draft of models for COC, which i was some what disapointed, but I held my head high. I had the opportunity to do it again since I already walked the first time. I knew my mistakes and didnt want to repeat them, So i checked and doubled checked my poses, my walk, and my styling. I looked fresh, fierce and fabulous. At this point I was humble , but I did look good. I made it to the event. I was up against a wonderful group of models. I just wanted to do my best. When they called my name, I walked that runway like a movie star accepting an academy award, no jerky poses, no stopping too soon on runway or falling off, the judges said thank you, I turned and walked back like I owned it. I took  a deep breath once i made it to the back and smiled.

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