Wednesday, January 1, 2014


There were enormous amount of parties going on last night waiting for the new year to arrive. I went from one party to the next, thank goodness I don't drink, so I didn't mind being the designated driver. There was music I liked and music I didn't like, but I danced the night away. There were fabulous fashions, from urban to chic, I even stopped by a party where every one was naked, I quickly hopped into my friends im and told her aslong as she lives don't ever invite me to another naked party, she quickly apologized. Any way, I finally found myself at a party where I did not want to leave. The music was right, the people were great, and the champagne was flowing. I had a great time, and when it came to the final count down, I grabbed my wife up into my arms as we looked into each other eyes as the ball dropped and hit 2014, we pulled each other close, and gave each other the most romantic kiss in SL and RL that neither one of us will ever forget. I told her she has made me the most happiest woman and I will love her forever, then asked her to marry me again and she said yes. There's going to be a wedding soon. I'd like to send my love out to all my family,my sister OB close friends and people I've met along the way and wish them the Happiest New Year, may you give and receive  without conditions, love because you want to, and pay it forward because it's just wise to do. May God Bless you and keep you under the safety of his enormous wings. 2014

                                    Wetlook ponytail/Tuty
                                    Red lipstick/Glance  

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