Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The first time I seen this gown I said oooh nice, I couldn't help but to gasp inside as I saw it. Filled with excitement as I tried it on and watched it move all I did wa smile. Ladies this gown falls nicely in all the right places. So delicately looking in the front and flamboyant in the back, it draws you in. This lovely gown will be on sale this weekend at Evolve for 66L.

The Marrant gown/Evolve
V5 ULTRA Mesh Fingernails/Jamman 
 "Matte Smoke" eyeshadow - Surplus/alaskametro<3 
Peacock Feather Earrings L - Palette VI/*MonCheri*
. Red Dance - Lips/Glamorize
 Imperial Eyeliner Only {black}/Mock
Copper Tribal Bracelet Lime earrings
Gia Hair Black
NoAlpha Lashes_N02/Miamai

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