Thursday, July 18, 2013


This pretty gown I took a liking to. It's colorful, elegant, and comfortable. I strutted my stuff to the sounds of big bands, twirled around and let the train flow. This gown is from Evolve, it is on the 55L list. It comes with a dress, pants and long train that does size.

Fantasy 3 gown,dress,pants,gown/Evolve
Zen Gold Heels/N-Core
Bobbie Hair Milk Chocolate /Discord Designs
Urchin Hair Base Milk Chocolate/dDx
Venice Jewelry Set/Purple Moon
Jupiter Eye Makeup Gold/Glamorize
Fantasia Mesh Lashes/GA
Tango Lips RedHot/Glamorize
V5 Ultra Mesh Nails/Jamman

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