Friday, June 14, 2013


 Just out and about in a cute little outfit I put together for the hot weather. A pair of white linen shorts, with an black Alice jacket.It was some thing fun to do for myself, instead of always doing what other people thought I should do. I enjoyed myself and for once was very relaxed. It was something simple and cool to wear. I added a pair of black and white plaid knee high sneakers. My hair I decided to spike it up and use a black hair base with a brown hair, why not that's the fun of fashion. Oh and to top it off since I am a neko I added my tail lol. Then I went out dancing and had a ball. OMG there was no stress for once and I enjoyed it.

White mesh linen shorts/BE DESIGNS
Alice mesh black jacket/{R3}
Ultra high top rigged mesh black plaid/Fatal
Cash hair clublack/MADesigns
Darkbrown hair base 4/Emo-tions
Water Spider earrings/N-creations
Classic Diamond Stud earrings/Jcny
    Lacquer Sublime Moderniste Nails/Miamai
Delicacy makeup lips and eyes/Glamorize

Nickle Sparrowtree  

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