Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SO EMOTIONAL ................................................................EVOLVE

Today I  went on an outing, taking advantage of the nice spring air. I traveled to this wonderful sim, heavily populated with tall trees. There was a soft cool breeze as I walked the pathway leading to a spot where the sunlight hinted through the branches, projecting beams of light that glistened with different colors of the rainbow. From where I stood I was in awe. I reached out my hand piercing the beam, feeling the warmth against my palm, I looked down to see the little particles as they floated over and around my hand, just as I looked up I could see a large head in the distance surrounded by water, so I walked toward it. Once I got close enough I could see that it was a statue of a women from the waist up, she looked like she was in despair. With both hands her palms pressed against her face and her eyes were closed. I don't know why but I couldn't resist taking a picture near her, wearing my So Emotional mini dress   from Evolve. The back ground colors blended so well with the colors of my dress made up of yellow, green, red and a very dark purple. This dress looked classic I had to share it.
           So Emotional / Evolve
            Cuore green / N-Core
          Cachet pony tail / Lelutka
Play Cubes forest green earrings/FineSmith
                Necklace_darkgreen /BC_Spandau 
Green and Dark green bangle
Capri Nails / Angel Rock
Yellow Fog Eye shadow / Mock
 Sahne Burnt Umber [Lip 0]/ Mock

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