Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This dress is for one for the coming season. Filled with colors of orange, yellow, and white. This dress is 100% mesh and comes in five different prints and colors. Your gonna love the simplicity of this dress.This dress also comes with a pair of pumps. It comes with the latest hud  that you click on to change to the print you want to wear. I chose the white printed flower dress. Since it just naturally brings out my skin tone. This lovely dress is light weight and airy made for those afternoon walks, when there is a soft breeze blowing, and the trees move delicately in the background, and the color of dress brightens up you up enough to let your smile just gleam with happiness. You can get this dress, which come in five prints and colors, at October Trending Fashion Chamber.

Leyla Mesh Flower Set/Shey
BC_Spandau_Earrings and Bracelet
Zeta Chapeau - white/CC
Jamaican Nails/Angel Rock
Deep Orange Lipstick/ Glamorize
J Curl Paris Show Girl Eye Lashes/Angel Rock

Nickle Sparrowtree

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