Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have in corporated 3 unique designers into one styling. The Fabulous Josselyn Dress, 100% mesh, for a creative look. Then added a pair of comfortable Loordes of London Stratford gray herringbone pumps. Then added some Chop Zuey. The  Love Struck jewelry set. Starting with the dress in its lovely charcoal color with its lovely printed black flowers, being mesh it comes in 5 sizes, I am wearing the size small. It has a lovely bodice that wraps in the middle and sets this dress apart from any other. I added the pair of gray herringbone pumps, and found that my steps were a lot easier to take. Then we come to the Jewelry set, with its crimson red color against a white gold metal setting. It does look very nice.

This entire ensemble can be found at the October Trending Fashion Chamber ,where nothing sells for more then 300L

Josselyn Dress Mesh/LMD
Grey Herringbone Stratford Pump/Loordes of London
Love Struck Jewelry Set/earrings & Neckalce/Chop Zuey
Daffodil 4 Black Hair/[E]
Redux C skins Black Hair Base/Unbra
Prim Nails/Sexy Momma
Metal Mania Crimsom Lipstick/Glamorize
Infinity Lips/Glamorize

Nickle Sparrowtree

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