Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saving Cinderella on Snake Skin

This lovely snake skin outfit is being sold exclusively at October Trending Fashion Chamber , it goes from a dark brown to a light brown , is made of mesh and just a lovely outfit to show off at any event. Its a Mesh skin baring top with a pair of soft leather skin pants , and just lovable to wear. This outfit was just not complete with out jewelry, so i added some from Chop Zuey called Saving Cinderella. Its gorgeous with it's rings of gold embedded with diamonds. While strands of different colored gems hang down from the center of all 3 pieces. This jewelry set consists of a necklace and pair of earrings and would go well with any outfit. You can find this jewelry set at Octobers Trending Fashion Chamber where nothing sells over 300L.    

Snake Skin Pants outfit/ Vero Modero
Saving Cinderella Jewelry set/ Chop Zuey
2CUTE4U Hair / Vanity
Casting "HIVER" Shoes/ N-Core

Nickle Sparrowtree


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