Tuesday, November 20, 2012

October Trending Fashion Chamber

Ladies I got these two lovely outfits from the OTFC , a place where nothing is over 300 lindens. First we have the Vendetta Karo Set in Green. Its a cute little out fit with a jacket , skirt, and pants. A lovely outfit to wear just about any where.

Vendetta Kara Set from Vero Modero
pants/ skirt/ and jacket.

Next we have a lovely blouse, with the colors red, black and purple, it tucks into your pants and fits nicely with any pair of pants. Then  I added a pair of purple pants from the same maker that matched up just nicely.

Both these outfits are mesh

Top is called Anoa and the pants are called Shenti  from Cats & Butterflies , you can find all these lovely outfits at OTFC. Come on down and just go crazy.

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