Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween

This was a perfect outfit for Halloween, I  loved styling it, it was the perfect outfit for my masquerade event. The all white color, with latex and leather couldn't be beat. It shined when the lights hit it, not that I was trying to be noticed, who am I kidding, I wore it for a reason. Its a vero modero creation that of coarse I tweaked for Halloween. I am actually an angel with a demon in me. (LOL) I come to suck your blood. This outfit was fun and thrilling to style. I know in real life that many of us couldn't enjoy Halloween this year , because of the noreaster that hit, and it was a very bad storm. To all those who had to deal with this state of emergency my heart and prayers go out to you all, and for those who lost family members you have my deepest sympathy.

MY Angel officer belt, coat, cap, bat wing cuffs/ Vero Modero
Male designs - Cautionary tales/ Madid Solo
Red rage slut fangs
Bat earrings
Hair Kellin/ Drot
White neko tail/ Bad ass tails
Ladylike nails/ Candy Nails
Warrior steel Collar/ Collar gallery
Diabolical demon wings in white
Witch white boots/ GMT
High gloss white latex top and pants

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