Monday, October 22, 2012

Noir Beauty

This outfit I found to be sexy in all the right places. I put it on and I loved it, from the way it hits you at the waist and hips, to its sexy arm baring slits. This outfit was just a delight to style. As i put on each color , yes they come in more then one, I thought of myself on a early evening waiting for my date in this sexy number, I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she seen me in my outfit. She said damn girl you look nice , where did you get it and I want one. The only choice I had was to take her to Evolve where they are being sold. Once she found the one she wanted, took it home and styled it, we knew we looked good. So we wore them out dancing at the club. Oh my did we turn heads, but that's why I am blogging about them so people know where they can get one for them self. No you can't have mine or my girlfriend's, go get your own down at EVOLVE.

Noir Beauty/ EVOLVE
Sunset BLVD/ Vanity
earrings/ Mandala
Pink Nails/ Candy

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