Sunday, May 6, 2012


I love to dress outside the box, its a big part of my personality. Some people can dress glam with no effort, but me I can dress outside the box. If more pageants were more about enhancing the qualities of the person, instead of enhancing their opinion, some pageants would be more colorful and dynamic. That's what I like about Color of Couture, I wasn't stuck in just taking an outfit and make it look like the opinion of what some one else thinks it should look like, I was able to take an outfit and make it look like me, I think people get more of an awe, instead of looking at a person wearing the outfit saying to themselves that does not suit her/him at all.  I love this outfit, I could have taken it further but I chose to go simple. In fact I took some stuff off because I thought I was over the top, but hey I did look good. WIN or LOOSE I did do an awesome job and I learned new things.

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