Thursday, May 3, 2012

Angel in Prayer

What an angelic creature so soft and demure, standing in  the light of glory. Faithfully remembering . What a glorious sight to see. When I did this outfit I didn't realize how powerful it could be, which was captured by the lens of a wonderful photographer, and edited by a person with a  sense of tranquility. I was caught up in the styling, that turned out awesome.

Gabriel scripted wings
Fallen God's / Sigil of Gabril tatoo full gold
Faleen God's/ Arcangel outfit white
Wasbi Pills/ Antique hair ethereal
S'CarperDium/ Cassandra silver
Mandala/ Nails milky white
Fashism/ Eyes sunrise light hazel
Miamai/ No alpha lashes_01
NA/ White bra

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