Friday, August 12, 2011

Crown Winner Finally - Ms Sexy 2011

Thank you is the about the only word i am able to express at this moment. I humbly say  that I put a lot of hard work into this pagaent. I do that for all actually. Always coming close but never winning. I am very grateful for the experience I gain from each one, there is always some thing new I come away with or that I can try.

Pageants are a lot of fun, I and i am sure others come with the hopes of walking away with the crown, but before that can happen we are all back stage having a bunch of laughs, making sure that each one of us doesn't walk the run way naked, practicing our dance routines so lag wont kill our hud's, having a good time so that we aren't all over nervous and wishing each other good luck.

I have to admit the hardest time is when Essence sings her final song, the cws standard, "Simply the Best"  Once thats over and the names start being called, I can't do any thing but take deep breaths. Every thing seems like its in slow motion and my heart skips double beats. So when  It got down to me and Vicky and was told to watch the fireworks, I didn't because I already had it set in my head that I was not gonna win again. So I didn't look. It wasn't until some one actually called out my name in local that I realized  I had  won , then I  turned to look at my name in the sky. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to go up to it to make sure that it was actually my name. I was shocked. It was finally me. I had won.

I held Vicky's hand as we walked to the front, I received my trophy, my ms sexy winner banner, and the lindens. But once i set that crown on my head, thats when it sunk in. I did it. My heart filled with joy, the smile on my face stretched from ear to ear, and I let out a loud scream that my mother told me get the heck off that computer if your gonna make all that noise. I quieted down still in shock, got my picture  taken with Vicky who placed second and Sunrae 3rd.  My sister October yells out you did it sis, I got a big hug from Anrol, and lots of congratulations that filled the air. It feels good. Let it not go unnoticed that placing in a pageant is nice. but winning is a whole lot better.

I wanna thank the judges for their hard work of judging this event. I wanna thank my sister , October, girl you were there when I really needed you, Ill always do the same for you, my friends Bella , Greyz , Erin, Lulu, Chamonix, Savannah, Diana,  and any one else i missed thank you for your support. Congratulations to all the contestants. Janda thank you for keeping me uplifted. Thank you Anrol , Steve .

Ms. Nickle Sparrowtree
Ms Sexy 2011 Crown winner.

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