Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What an event it was tonight at the CWS styling stage. Mermaids,mermaids every where, to the left to the right  in the air wow it was great to be surrounded by so many lovely contestants.  Every one came out to see the awesome creative outfits , you had to be there to see it, I was giving compliments to every one, thats just me, I don't even care if you don't like me , I am still gonna compliment you. Well there were long tails, wide tails , tails that fanned out, I couldn't help but get pictures of every one, The stage was so crowded we had to make room there were so many of us . Every one did such a lovely job. but there is only 3 winners . First ,second and third. Styling is a fun event and I don't care what any one says , every one like's to win, I mean if you don't its not the end of the world you just buck up and say well there's tomorrow and do it again.I am still astounded over tonight's event, I even got a few ideas which always comes in handy. It was just lovely. why don't I just show you what tonight looked like. first  here are the winner's
1st -Tiffani Celestalis
2nd-Nickle Sparrowtree
3rd-Lua Vendetta

here are the other contestants as they stood on stage , wonderful job every one.

what a night

Please watch  my video

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