Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CWS styling event

Last night's event was a doozy, it was 1990  theme. I was born in 1990, I remember the mixed matched clothing , the skater boys and girls, the hiphoppers , Bmx bikes, and the music. It was a year of mix and match and plenty of variety. I remember my dad saying to some boys , you need to pull your pants up over your butts, dont no one want to see your underwear, didn't your parents raise you better. That was my dad. He is with the angels now and I still see boys walking around with their hanging low. Well last night's event there was no underwear showing, and it turned out to be a lovely event. Ajay won first place with his boy next door looks and hiphop fashion. Nicki Vervain won second and Aeon won third skater girl. I was the judge a not easy task to do.


Congratulation to all the winners and all who were in last night's styling event.

please watch my video

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