Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Themed Valentine

Wow what an event, red, red and white , white and red, it was an romantic event. All the outfits were great, hard to choose when you think every one is a winner. It was a fabulous event. The 3 winners were first place  Lopez Fairlady, second place  Ajay  Xigalia, and third place went to aislinn string.. I had to judge the event which is not very easy. I myself am not perfect which it makes it hard to judge a group of your peers, who you think all deserve to be winners. With the effort and hard work that goes into styling events, to me they are just as major as the big pageants and mean just as much. every one who stands on that stage every night, wants to win , there is no doubt about that, If i could id give us all first place and call it a night. Congratulations to all the winners of last night's event.

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