Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello every one I am Nickle , I am a Neko.  neko means cat in Japanese, I love cats so what else would i choose to be . I am an aspiring model in the classic with style family, I am aiming to be the best I can be, yes I wanna be on top. With hard work and diligence I will get there. I Am in a class with a wonderful group of students. Class so far has been fun. wait I think I got ahead of myself. Let me tell you more about me. I am sweet , sexy, fun, easy to get along with, kind hearted but don't take that for a weakness , remember that woman scorned  saying , its so true,   I look damn good, I look so good I kiss myself. Is that cocky you ask, nope I love me,before you can love others you actually have to love yourself, my beauty shines from with in and then to my outside. SO cocky I am not confident yes i am, those that let that bother then instead of saying damn I look good to their self , are either just jealous or just need a boost of self confidence.

OK now back to my modeling class, I am in with a bunch of awesome students, we keep the teachers on their toes, I think its just our determination . We all just wanna do good. I think the most fun we have as  a group are the styling events, even though they are to help make us better models we all still want to win. Its hard  for all of us when we get to an event thinking we look good and see some one else looking just as good, what else can you say , but give them a compliment, it doesn't hurt to tell that other person, girl/boy you look good. Just hold your head up high and pray you win, I said that to be funny so laugh. No No  sorry im laughing myself here, we are all winners, just doing our best.

Wow look at the time I gotta go I have a styling event to win, hay I can think it can't I. Bye.

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